Cultural inclusivity: The value that flows within

Wake the Nation recognizes that privilege and access have heavily influenced and advantaged voices that drive advocacy and  policy change in relation to drugs, substance use disorder, and mental health, as well as the US society in general.

For us, culturally inclusivity embodies diversity and builds opportunity for greater collaboration.

It is imperative for any organization, to be well informed of diverse perspectives and needs that propel a movement forward. In essence, it is the organization’s blood flow, the systemic circulatory system that carries nutrient enriched perspectives so the organization can flourish.



Cultural inclusion means conscientiously seeking out materials, resources, and consultants that represent a wider swath of experiences and identities than are present in our current staff and network. The act of inclusion in an organization is to us, the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of people. To be inclusive is to build essential relationships that share a common purpose, but to diversify such relationships through cultural inclusion is known to result in higher levels of productivity, creativity and adaptability. Organizations with diversity are less prone to “groupthink”, instead demonstrating critical thinking skills, manifesting in organization and client benefits.

However, beyond representation, Wake the Nation strives toward cultural inclusion by critically analyzing the dominant representation of white, middle-class, hetero samples in research and best practice development. By practicing cultural inclusion and welcoming all, regardless of culture, ethnicity, race, religion, beliefs, socioeconomic status, gender and sexual preference, Wake the Nation works to hold space for a wide array of cultural identities to be represented in our work.

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Compassion: The value at heart

Compassion (noun)
:sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it

At the root of compassion is the Latin words, “com” meaning, “with, together” and “pati” meaning, “to suffer”.  In the mid-14c. compassion or rather, “compassioun” meant “suffering with another”. Today’s definition includes a significant alteration, “a desire to alleviate” such suffering.  It is a significant change.

It is also a key ingredient in executing Wake the Nation’s vision, mission and goals. As the Wake the Nation team works to complete our 2019-2022 strategic framework we find ourselves defining the values that shape, support and reflect our philosophy. Compassion is at the core.

Compassion is the heartbeat that pumps motivation into our team. At the center of the organization’s circulatory system, it supplies inspiration, transports love enriched determination and creates momentum. Compassion is responsible for Wake the Nation’s movement.

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Recognizing the stigma surrounding substance use disorder and mental health which prevents people from seeking help, we wish to alleviate it. No longer should any person have to suffer alone.

As we move forward, designing the framework with which we will base our work, compassion is among our most valued beliefs. It is how we will treat our clients, it is how we will respond to those who do not understand mental health illness and it is how we will carry out our mission.  We expect you to hold us accountable. And we hope you will consider carrying on with compassion too.