Holiday Memorial 2018

It's time! Wake The Nation is hosting our 6th annual Holiday Tree memorial for those who have passed away from overdose, substance use disorder, or complications from either. We invite you to submit a loved ones name via our website under the "Holiday Tree". Submitting a name is FREE! Though we welcome donations. Additionally, if … Continue reading Holiday Memorial 2018

Innovation: The value that drives.

Innovation. In the most basic terms, innovation can be defined as something that meets a need. It is the intellectual curiosity and creative inspiration that results in new strategies, processes,  techniques and solutions. Wake the Nation acknowledges the weakness that exist in society's perceptions of substance use disorder and mental health and vows to create … Continue reading Innovation: The value that drives.

Remembering the Patron Saint of Harm Reduction

Where does one begin to describe the loss of a man responsible for saving thousands? The passing of our friend, mentor, and hero, Dan Bigg of the Chicago Recovery Alliance, this past August, was and is a devastating loss for harm reductionist around the world. Dan who pioneered harm reduction, safe syringe needle exchanges, and … Continue reading Remembering the Patron Saint of Harm Reduction

Cultural inclusivity: The value that flows within

Wake the Nation recognizes that privilege and access have heavily influenced and advantaged voices that drive advocacy and  policy change in relation to drugs, substance use disorder, and mental health, as well as the US society in general. For us, culturally inclusivity embodies diversity and builds opportunity for greater collaboration. It is imperative for any … Continue reading Cultural inclusivity: The value that flows within

Compassion: The value at heart

Compassion (noun) :sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it At the root of compassion is the Latin words, “com” meaning, “with, together” and “pati” meaning, “to suffer”.  In the mid-14c. compassion or rather, “compassioun” meant “suffering with another”. Today’s definition includes a significant alteration, “a desire to alleviate” such suffering. … Continue reading Compassion: The value at heart

Language matters: “Achieving” Sobriety, Defining your Recovery, and Reducing Harm

  Sobriety is defined as the state of being sober and the definition of sober, is outdated, referring to being unaffected by alcohol. (Interesting, how it only mentions alcohol, right?) Today most people reference being sober in regards to being free from mind altering substances. And truthfully, when you factor caffeine, nicotine, and psychotropic medications … Continue reading Language matters: “Achieving” Sobriety, Defining your Recovery, and Reducing Harm